Cretans take pride of their long history and culture, but also from the beauty of the landscape and the pure nature which accompanies their lives.

The amazing beaches, with the impressive landscapes, the delicious, but healthy Cretan food and the hospitality, which is part of the Cretan culture will astound you!

Discover the food

Cretan cuisine is considered the most delicious and at the same time the healthiest of the Meditteranean pattern of eating. Since the ancient times Cretans use simple cooking techniques and a rich variety of natural products, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, pulses, native wild greens, natural herbs for flavoring, unique cheeses, fresh fish, grilled meats and of course the well-known Cretan extra virgin olive oil, which is the great pride of the island.

Don’t leave Crete without trying some of the most popular Cretan delicacies, which are going to give your pallete a memorable experience: Sfakia Pies, Greek salad, Dakos, Dolmadakia, Apaki, Tsikoudia, Kserotigana, Kaltsounia.


Experience a “Panigiri”

“Panigiri” is a traditional festival orginized during summer months by the youth of each village celebrating the honorary day of a Saint of the Orthodox Church or a themed day honoring the special product of the area.

The cheerful vibe of these festivals is really exciting. Even if you don’t speak the languange, you will understand that this opportunity makes the villagers of all ages and the visitors come closer, as there are big tables, which people share randomly.

During the Panigiri there is always a band playing traditional Cretan music and people dancing are dancing till morning with the old, traditional songs of the island. You quicly understand that the locals are friendly and open to discuss with the visitors and probably offer you a dancing lesson on the stage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the traditional food, usually made by the females of the village, such as Gamopilafo or Kaltsounia.

Wine tasting

Crete is quite famous for its local wines, made out of native grape’s species, such us “Romeiko”, “Liatiko”, “Vidiano” and many more. The history of these species is interwoven with the history of the island, starting back to the Minoan age.

Today, the Cretan wines are honored with many global awards for their taste and quality.

If you are a wine enthousiast you can visit one of the many wineries of the island and have a unique  wine tasting tour.